Frequently Asked Questions

So, you're thinking about a wedding video? Here you'll find answers to common questions, however should you not find what you are looking for, we're only a phone call or email away. Hope to hear from you soon!

Do you charge a deposit for making a booking?​
​Yes, to secure your wedding date for our services, we ask for a 30% non refundable deposit for all of our wedding video packages. This deposit is paid when the booking is made and we will only ask for the outstanding balance to be paid two weeks before the day.

Do you offer any payment plan for us to pay monthly?
​We are happy to set up a monthly payment plan leading up to two weeks before your event. We accept Cheque or Bank Transfer.
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Aberdeen Wedding Videographers
How do I know you will make a good video of my wedding day?
​We ensure that your event will be filmed and edited in a style that is right for you. We do this by taking the time to speak with you well in advance of the date. We are happy to pass on references from previous clients should you seek an unbiased opinion of our wedding film services.

How will the videographer be dressed at the wedding?
​We will dress formally like your wedding guests to blend in as well as possible. At all times our aim is to be as non-intrusive as possible.

Do you use contracts?
​Yes, it's normal for professional wedding videographers to ask clients to sign a contract to protect both parties and clarify exactly what is expected to be delivered. Preparation and good communication are vital tools for us to ensure every wedding film is produced as smoothly and professionally as possible.

What will your services be on the day of our event?
​Our camera person will attend the key location your event is to be held at about one hour before the service to film various aspects of the venue's exterior. Alternatively we can film the bride or groom's preparations. With our Platinum Package using two camera operators we can film both at the same time, and again later in the day we can be filming the photo shoot while also capturing the arrival of your guests at the reception!

​How far do you travel from Aberdeen?
​We do have some travel small print with mileage charged at £0.90 per mile after the first 50 miles from our Aberdeen base. As required we may need to charge for accommodation and subsistence for weddings that require us to travel a considerable distance and this will be agreed prior to the booking and charged at the appropriate agreed rate.

When will I receive the final edited DVD to my house?
​We will have your final mastered DVD printed, packaged and sent to you within twelve weeks after your event. This allows us an appropriate amount of time to finely craft up to 20 hours of footage. There is also a 3-week turn around from your ceremony date (See Added Extra). We can also offer a highlights online service where we correctly calibrate and upload your film to you Tube. This can be a huge benefit for family and friends to watch your special day highlights online. (See Added Extras)