Small print   (All prices Include VAT)

Travel £0.90 per mile
Mileage £0.90 per mile after the first 50 miles from our Aberdeen base inclusive of the return journey. This covers the additional cost for both fuel, and the additional time for up to two camera operators (as it can add up to four hours to a 10 hr day. As required we may need to charge for accommodation and subsistence for weddings that require us to travel a considerable distance and this will be agreed prior to the booking and charged at the appropriate agreed rate.

Crew meals £20 / head
For weddings where we are working over 8 hours the two cameramen must be provided with food at the venue or alternatively a £20.00 fee per head will be charged to cover any meal expenses. This is because crew need a break to keep fresh and in many instances are working up to 12 hours on the day and are unable to leave the venue. The meal break will only be taken whilst the wedding dinner is under way and the crew are not usually required.

Filming Styles
Our shooting style is flexible upon how involved you would like us to during the days events. The options are by no means fixed, and most commonly we are as descreet as possible throughout the day. Situations may arise that require we take a more active role events involving staged moments, however these are typically sought by ur couple. Difficult lighting situations may also require the use of additional lights.

Descreet - Fly-on-the-wall documentary style all day
Involved - Requires that we stage parts of the days events where appropriate. Required for our animated title 'intros' and some steadicam work.

Content Length
One choice to consider in the length of wedding film you would like. We generally advise that shorter is sweeter. Essentially the shorter the film, the higher quality the finished product as we edit down the footage to make the quality higher. The options depend largely on the length of the days ceremony but should you wish for a set length it would fall broadly into three catagories:

Short form 20-25 minutes
Mid-length 50-90 minutes
Long 90 minutes plus

Aberdeen Wedding Videographers
Aberdeen Wedding Videographers